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Green Finance Real Estate

Real estate and movables

Property, which is registered as a right in rem in the Austrian land register, offers a high degree of stability and is a tangible asset that is not subject to price fluctuations or inflation.

This is why real estate is the preferred investment object. The constant increase in value with simultaneous security are core features that are sought in vain in many other investment opportunities. Green Finance GmbH Austria creates this opportunity for everyone with ideal co-ownership shares. We focus on the revitalization of existing properties in stable regions that are characterised by high rental demand.

Green Finance GmbH Austria buys, renovates and assigns real estate in cooperation with regional partners – profit sustainably from ideal co-ownership shares with added value.

Your share of rented houses – stability through tangible assets

Real estate that generates income by renting out residential or business units is referred to as rented house. The value increase is virtually guaranteed by the constantly increasing demand for living space – on average, an increase in value of around 2.5% can be achieved per year.

In addition to the demand-driven increase in value, regular rental income as well as refurbishment and upgrading contribute to the attractiveness and thus increase earnings expectations.

Green Finance real estate is perfect for demanding investors. Solid building substances in interesting regions, high-quality renovation, good infrastructure and professional administration create the basis for high profitability.

Sustainable co-ownership shares in real estate in interesting locations
Top renovated existing properties
Direct ownership of the property
Security through the Austrian land register
Inheritable and lendable through direct ownership, registed with the Austrian land register
Attractive return and continuous yield
Inflation protection through stable real estate investment
Highest possible security by execution through notarial trusteeship
Risk minimisation through equal co-ownership shares instead of individual residential units
extensice modernisation and equipment of the interior area
Preservation of the historical characteristics in the outdoor area

Sustainable investment with Green Finance real estate:

Average expected return:

2.5% rental income p.a.
2.5% value appreciation p.a.
2.5% consumer price index adjustment

Current projects – Green Finance Real Estate

Frein Castle

In Frankenburg, Upper Austria

Green Finance GmbH Austria renovated this property in spring 2018 – and accomplished modern and contemporary living with the highest quality standards in a stylish castle ambience. Eight large family apartments and four offices were built here with a focus on sustainability and in cooperation with the historical monuments office.

Frein Castle in the heart of Frankenburg am Hausruck offers with its central location and very good infrastructure a charming living experience in the idyllic rural region.

The well-preserved, historical character and the newly renovated, intelligently thought-out apartments and offices complement each other to form a unique and representative revenue and residential property.

Key facts:

8 rental apartments, 4 offices
824 m² built-up area
1051 m² rentable usable space
331 m² floor space
Sustainable co-ownership real estate shares in interesting locations
Top refurfished:
Extensive revitalization of the entire building
Extensive modernisation and equipment of the interior area
Preservation of the historical characteristics in the outdoor area