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Green Finance

A sustainable idea emerges

The basis of our success

The Green Mission

As an expert in valuable real estate, renewable energy and sustainable investments, Green Finance Group AG is the perfect partner for anyone who wants to make more out of their money.

Long-term business relationships are the basis for the success of the Green Finance Group.

The interests of customers, suppliers, shareholders and our Green Business Partners are perfectly harmonized for the benefit of all involved.

Our credo is to generate a passive income with real estate of lasting value as well as to earn fair interest with sustainable investments.

In the field of renewable energies, we offer our commercial customers with a high annual electricity consumption the option of a photovoltaic system without capital investment.

Meanwhile more than 1,300 Green Business Partners in Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia have become part of the Green Finance success story.

Expansion into other European countries is already underway.


part of the
Green Finance
success story !


The Green Finance Story:

In spring 2015, professionals from the financial services and energy industries came together to launch a new idea on the market: To put people in the foreground, in harmony with the environment and the surroundings.

The idea of “Green Finance” was born. The aim was to offer modern financial investments which offer a clear customer advantage through good earning opportunities and which also focus on sustainable management.

For the start of Green Finance 5 people were essential: Mr. Gerald Frühauf, Mr. Ivo Ljubas, Mr. Thomas Hauer, Mr. Markus Jäkel and Mr. Christian Schauer. Thanks to the cooperation and reliability of our partners from the very beginning, it was not only possible to build up the company, but also to create a strong, long-term vision.

The rest is history.

Green Finance GmbH Austria was founded in October 2015 after a 6-month planning phase and registered in the commercial register. Operations commenced immediately.

After 12 months Walter Schuster could be won as a partner in October 2016. Walter Schuster has since played a leading role in Green Finance.

Green Finance Milestones

  • October 2015

    Eintragung im österreichischen Firmenbuch der Green Finance GmbH
  • October 2015

    Office opening Zeltweg
  • February 2016

    Publication of the Capital Market Prospectus of Green Finance GmbH Profit Participation Right
  • March 2016

    First issue launched – Green Finance Profit Participation Right

  • June 2016

    Office opening Dornbirn
  • September 2016

    First real estate project in Scharnstein (Upper Austria) realized

  • October 2016

    Partnership with LVA24 Prozessfinanzierung (rocess financing)
  • March 2017

    Introduction Dream Car Program
  • April 2017

    Move into the new head quarter Vienna / Faradaygasse 6
  • September 2017

    September 2017

    Purchase of the real estate project Schloss Frein in Frankenburg am Hausruck (Upper Austria)

  • March 2018

    New corporate structure in the form of several public limited companies, international holding structure

  • April 2018

    Office opening Innsbruck
  • May 2018

    Office opening Bratislava
  • July 2018

    New product 8×8
  • September 2018

    Completion of the Frein project

  • October 2018

    Office opening Salzburg
  • January 2019

    Annual kick-off gala 2019

  • February 2020

    Annual kick-off gala 2020

  • January 2020

    January 2020
    Michael Kottnig startet als COO & Vertriebsvorstand der Green Finance Gruppe.

Green Finance Directors

A strong management team for sustainable success.

The directors of Green Finance are one of the cornerstones of our success. Motivated partners, a good working atmosphere, perfect training and support for Green Business Partners – that is what our management team is all about. Our directors come from different specialist areas and thus contribute a great deal of specialised know-how – the perfect concept for success.

4000_20181212 Green Finance10440

Gerald Frühauf

With 24 years of professional experience in the insurance and investment consulting industry, Gerald Frühauf is considered an absolute specialist in the financial sector. After 12 years as part of the management of large financial services companies, the original motor vehicle technician was an independent entrepreneur for another 12 years. As co-founder of Green Finance GmbH, he brings his expertise and experience to active business operations on a daily basis and thus plays a key role in the success of the company.

4000_20181212 Green Finance10339

Ivo Ljubas

18 years of experience in the financial services sector make Ivo Ljubas an indispensable mentorfor the Green Finance team. The specialist for sales and coaching started his professional career with an apprenticeship as an insurance salesman and is also a state-certified investment consultant. In addition to his activities as a financial services provider, Ljubas has also been involved in several projects in the wind energy and photovoltaic sectors since 2009. As a founding member of Green Finance, he strengthens the sustainability concept of the company through his versatile know-how in the energy and finance sectors.

4000_20181212 Green Finance10298

Thomas Hauer

Since 2011, Thomas Hauer, a state-certified investment advisor, has dedicated himself exclusively to competent financial services. After working for various financial companies, he has been a permanent member of the Green Finance management team since 2015. Mr. Hauer is particularly distinguished by his service philosophy – the wishes of his customers and their financial growth are his first priority. It is therefore the key driver when it comes to improving the quality of Green Finance services.

4000_20181212 Green Finance10408

Markus Jäkel

After his apprenticeship as a chemical process engineer, Markus Jäkel moved into the financial sector and started a successful career as an investment consultant. Since 2015, he has not only strengthened the management team of Green Finance, but has, as founding member of Green Finance GmbH, also been on of its shareholders of the first hour. Following the international expansion of the corporate structure, Jäkel is also among the shareholders of Green Finance Group AG.

4000_20181212 Green Finance10475

Walter Schuster Akad. gepr. FVB

Walter Schuster’s entry into the Green Finance Group resulted in several areas developing strongly. The Green Finance training system has been optimised and brought up to date because of his task of coaching people and groups at home and abroad in a sustainable manner and putting them on the road to success. As the founder of LVA24, he also managed within a short time to establish one of the most important process financiers in Austria as well as several foreign branches. Despite his extensive responsibilities, he is also active in sales development and is mainly responsible for the expansion of the Green Finance Group in Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

4000_20181212 Green Finance10487

Ing. Christian Schauer
CEO & Founder

As head of the Green Finance Group, Christian Schauer is the man who laid the foundation for the realisation of the Green Finance vision. As the driving force behind the philosophy of sustainability and customer orientation, he is realizing the new path in the financial sector. The HTL engineer not only looks back on 17 years of experience in commercial and technical management, but also has numerous training and qualifications in very different areas. As an academic real estate trustee and commercial investment consultant, Schauer has all the prerequisites to ensure long-term success as the managing director of Green Finance Group AG, Green Finance Capital AG, Green Finance Broker AG, as the managing director of Green Finance GmbH Austria and LVA24 Prozessfinanzierung GmbH.