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Our Green Business Partners are our success

The business partners of Green Finance are the strong foundation of our success – we are fully aware of this. Green Finance therefore offers numerous programmes to support the Green Business Partners in their daily work in the best possible way.

From qualitative training in various specialist areas to support with office and vehicle costs – Green Finance enables the start of a promising career and gives support where it is needed.

Hard work is rewarded with us. Our Green Business Partners are worth it to us.

The Green Finance office costs subsidy

Hard work is half the battle

Across Austria, Green Business Partners who rent office space for their Green Finance activities receive support in the form of monthly grants.
This internal promotion is available to all Green Business partners who want to get off to a good start at their own office loacation and have already been able to convince through their commitment.

In this way, Green Finance promotes the independence of hard working and motivated Green Business Partners and enables them to achieve professional self-fulfilment with a high degree of personal responsibility.

The Green Finance Dreamcar Program

From appointment to appointment in the dream car

Our Green Business Partners are on the road throughout Austria every day. Punctuality is the be-all and end-all for our customers – as is road safety. Anyone who regularly covers long professional distances knows that a car is far more than just a simple means of transport. Representative, reliable, comfortable and safe – we support our best business partners with a car that will sweeten their everyday working life.

Green Finance offers particularly committed business partners the opportunity to own their own car – depending on their performance, new models of the brands BMW, Maserati, Mercedes or Tesla can be selected. But without diligence no prize! Participation in the Green Finance Dreamcar program must be earned: Compliance with performance targets, reliability and best customer service are prerequisites for your dream car.

THE Green Finance Education

High Level Trainings

Whether you are a career changer or an experienced Green Business Partner – Green Finance Education offers training for every level of knowledge. We attach particular importance to sound and comprehensive knowledge that you acquire step by step. We offer diverse and varied workshops and programs that help our business partners advance their careers in the long term.  

Several times a week, specific training courses on various topics are offered free of charge. The local training programme is supported by certified e-learning courses, which not only offer our Green Business Partners flexibility in terms of time and location, but also impart comprehensive knowledge.

Green Finance Training Incentives
Entertainment and training go hand in hand

In order to keep both, the motivation, and the level of expert knowledge of our Green Business Partners high, Green Finance continuously offers training incentives at home and abroad that combine education and entertainment in a great atmosphere. In addition to content and team building workshops, motivation and mental trainings are also part of the program. It is of particular concern to us that individual attention is paid to the participants here. The goal: personal development, self-realization and fun.

12 points for your professional satisfaction

The expectations of our Green Business Partners are high – but the commitment, accuracy and dedication they show day after day pay off.

As a company, we offer our Green Business Partners exactly the infrastructure they need to be successful and realize our vision together:

Efficient Training
Efficient training

… because education is the only asset besides love that doubles when you share it.

Satisfied Customers
Satisfied customers

… because you can only turn customers into friends if you significantly improve their quality of life.

Honest Compass Of Values
Honest compass of values

… because values at the end of the day are the only thing that remains when much else has long passed.

Great Working Climate
Great working climate

… because the team simply achieves better results and fun does not miss out.

Valuable Products
Valuable products

… because in the 21st century one cannot be successful with products from the previous century.

Innovative Software
Innovative Software

… because fast and transparent IT solutions are essential in our fast-moving times.

Fair Management Plan
Fair management plan

…because it can’t make any difference whether you’re a woman or a man, young or old.

Stable Income
Stable income

… because it is extremely reassuring to constantly earn money passively.

Correct Billing
Correct billing

… because it is simply important to be paid fairly and punctually.

High Office Subsidy
High office subsidy

… because a positive and beautiful environment has an effect on personal success.

Dream Car Programme
Dream Car Programme

… because it is fun to drive a beautiful car for free and success becomes visible.

Financial Freedom
Financial freedom

… because freedom is defined among other things by financial freedom.

It is up to you how you shape your career. The more you get involved, the more rewarding it will be for you. Leading your own team at Green Finance is like leading your own company within Green Finance: You set yourself goals, work energetically on them, coach, support and lead your team to success!